Crypto hedge fund reinvented

Rethinking Capital investment
for the modern investor

The Blockchain revolution is upon us and conventional structures are transforming before our very own eyes. Armed with knowledge, passion and commitment, we are funding the future. We are on our Cryptodyssey.

Of the many things hidden from the
knowledge of man, nothing is more unintelligible than
the human heart ― Homer, The Odyssey



Intelligent ICO investing

Using our fundamentals + team + terms investing framework to pick promising and profitable ICOs, we return profits higher than the overall crypto market. We pick ICOs that have combined the most promising ideas with the best people and the most favourable token sale terms. Our strategy has returned us 6000% in 2017 and is our fund’s main driver and growth engine.


Quantitative ICO investing

We are letting our newly assembled team of PhD complex sciences and machine learning experts dive deep into our in-houese ICO Due Diligence database to look for correlations and patterns amongst the data. We are looking for what combination of the more than 70 datapoints we capture for every ICO indicates a strong chance of success.


Risk Management

We will fail if we take unnecessary risk. Bane, our Managing Partner, is applying his financial skills and acumen to constantly assess our risk and exposure and ensure our portfolio is making returns in line with the risk we are taking. Practically this means determining the composition of our portfolio where we have minimized our risks while making strong returns.

ICO Due Diligence
Cryptodyssey Capital is a private and closed hedge fund. The materials on this website are for illustration and discussion purposes only and do not constitute an offering. An offering may be made only by delivery of a confidential offering memorandum to appropriate investors and upon regulatory approval.


John Doe
Deniz Omer


Deniz has over a decade of financial market experience under his belt after starting his career at Thomson Reuters’ Finacial&Risk division. He quickly developed through various roles before excelling in the Private Company Financials space and specializing in large data.

Deniz fell down the blockchain rabbit hole in early 2016. Led by a hunger for knowledge, he embarked on his MSc in Digital Currencies and started actively participating in blockchain startups. In 2017 he co-founded to provide ICO investors with rich ICO data.

In early 2017 Deniz, together with Bane, co-founded Cryptodyssey Capital to to serve as an investment vehicle to make strategic investments within the blockchain world. The fund quickly grew in size after focusing on early round venture capital while diversifying into traditional assets such as equities to manage risk.

Deniz is active in spreading the Blockchain message in Cyprus and abroad. He is the Nicosia Bitcoin and Blockchain Meetups organizer, is involved in investor relations for several blockchain startups, and gives speeches at blockchain events.

Bane Patchev, CFA


Bane Patchev is an executive and entrepreneur who has spent the last decade helping multinationals around the world navigate through the noisy, volatile and increasingly complex markets, paving the way to help achieve their goals.

Whilst working closely with investors and financial professionals at the biggest banks and financial institutions, Bane learned that the key to sound investment is building a strong set of foundational skills, combining intelligent information with deep investment analysis and prudent risk management to deliver results for his division.

As Head of Specialist Network at Thomson Reuters, Bane transformed the way financial professionals use intelligent information while delivering multi-million dollar revenue for the organization.

Bane co-founded in 2017 to provide the public with a reliable source of ICO information and in 2018 he co-founded Cryptodyssey Capital and started investing in blockchain startups

Bane is CFA Charterholder, ACI Dealing certified and holds bachelor degree in Finance. He currently lives in Dubai, UAE.

John Doe


Our View

With the solving of the Byzantine Generals Problem using Proof of Work, Satoshi Nakamoto unleashed a new era in decentralization. Trust, once concentrated in the hands of a few, can now be dissolved and distributed amongst the many. First with decentralized money, Bitcoin, and then with decentralized computing, Ethereum, we are laying the building blocks for this new future. Cryptodyssey Capital is on a mission to help fund this future.
We believe this revolution in decentralization is inevitable and we’ve dedicated our lives to understanding this complex and beautiful mixture of economics and computer science that together, will change the world. The journey is long though, and in these early days of the blockchain, we are still building the infrastrastructure. In light of this, we, as a fund, are funding companies that are building this foundational layer, and block by block, paving the way for Blockchain 2.0 and 3.0.

Investment Portfolio

CardstackExperience layer for decentralized and centralized internet services
OmiseGoDecentralized Payment Network
Kybera decentralized exchange on Ethereum
HelloGoldOff-chain collateral backed stablecoin
MakerOn-chain collateral backed stablecoin


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